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First result of the CANDLES III experiment searching for double beta decay of 48Ca


  • Dr. Takashi IIDA

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for the CANDLES colaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #57 (Auditorium Gallery Right)

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The observation of neutrino-less double beta decay (0nbb) would be the most practical way to prove the Majorana nature of the neutrino and lepton number violation. CANDLES studies 48Ca double beta decay using CaF2 scintillator. The main advantage of 48Ca is the highest Q-value (4.3 MeV) among all the isotope candidates. The CANDLES III detector is currently operating with 300kg CaF2 in the Kamioka observatory, Japan. The detector consists of 96 pure CaF2 crystals immersed in liquid scintillator as an active shield. In 2015, we constructed the additional shielding made of 7 - 12 cm thick Pb blocks and 5 mm thick B included silicon rubber sheet in order to reduce the background originating from (n,gamma) reaction. As a result, (n,gamma) background has been reduced by two orders of magnitude. We have conducted a 0nbb search using the data collected from July to December in 2016 after shielding. In this presentation, we report our latest 0nbb search result.

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