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Contribution Poster direct neutrino mass

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Results from the First Tritium campaign of KATRIN


  • Florian HEIZMANN
  • Mr. Alexander MARSTELLER

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for the KATRIN collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #17 (Robert-Schumann-Room)

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The Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN) will perform a direct, kine-matics-based measurement of the neutrino mass with a sensitivity of 200\,meV (90\,\%\,C.L.). The neutrino mass is obtained by investigating the shape of the spectrum of tritium \textbeta-decay electrons close to the endpoint at 18.6\,keV with a spectrometer of MAC-E filter type. To achieve the targeted sensitivity, the systematic uncertainties have to be carefully controlled. The main systematic effects are linked to the source and transport section of KATRIN.

The first tritium \textbeta-spectra obtained with KATRIN in May 2018 allow to investigate these source related effects, in particular in comparison with extensive model computations of the gas dynamics. Furthermore, these initial data permit to study the homogeneity and stability of the source.

This work is supported by HGF, BMBF (05A17VK2), the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group VH-NG-1055, and the Graduate School KSETA.

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