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SNOLAB's Neutrino Program


  • Dr. Erica CADEN

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #79 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

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SNOLAB is a 5000$~m^2$ facility 2 km underground in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Operating in an active mine site, SNOLAB maintains the laboratory as a class 2000 clean room. Many outstanding questions in astroparticle and subatomic physics today require the radio-quiet environment provided by deep underground research facilities. Neutrino experiments at SNOLAB include SNO+ and HALO, as well as collaboration on the EXO experiment. SNOLAB is also home to six dark matter experiments which use a variety of direct detection methods searching for WIMP candidate particles. SNOLAB’s low background counting facilities are continuing to expand; assaying the internal radioactivity of detector materials while deep underground is a benefit to the global experimental program. A description of entire facility will be given, including a brief overview of the different experiments. Investigations to expand the lab for future experiments and near term infrastructure developments will be outlined.

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