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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Confidence regions for reactor neutrino oscillation parameters $\theta_{13}$ and $\Delta m^2_{31}$ from Double Chooz Far and Near data


  • Mr. Vargas Perez BENITO

Primary authors


Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #202 (Ballroom)

Abstract content

To understand the implications of the Double Chooz data on both oscillation parameters $\sin^{2}(2\theta_{13})$ and $\Delta m^2_{31}$, we analyze the data corresponding to the Far detector, with no additional restriction. By doing this, confidence regions and best fit values are obtained for ($\sin^{2}(2\theta_{13}),\Delta m^2_{31}$). This analysis yields an out-of order $\Delta m^2_{31}$ minimum, and it is corrected with the inclusion of additional restrictions. We study the effects of the so called ``spectral bump" around 5 MeV, it is observed that a variation of this spectral bump may be able to move the $\Delta m^2_{31}$ best fit value, in such a way that $\Delta m^2_{31}$ takes the order of magnitude of the MINOS' value. Finally, with the preliminary Near Detector Data, we performed two different analyses. It is found that unlike the Far Detector analysis, the Far+Near Detector Data may be able to fully determine both oscillation parameters by itself.

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