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The Electron Capture in $^{163}$Ho experiment - ECHo


  • Dr. Loredana GASTALDO

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for the ECHo Collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #22 (Robert-Schumann-Room)

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The present upper limit on the electron neutrino mass $m(𝜈_{\mathrm{e}})$ is still at 225 eV. The Electron Capture in $^{163}$Ho experiment, ECHo, is designed to investigate $m(𝜈_{\mathrm{e}})$ in the sub-eV region. In ECHo, high sensitivity on a finite m(𝜈𝑒) will be reached by the analysis of the endpoint region in high statistics and high resolution calorimetrically measured $^{163}$Ho spectra. To perform this experiment, high purity $^{163}$Ho source will be enclosed in a large number of low temperature metallic magnetic micro-calorimeters which are readout using the microwave multiplexing technique. Thanks to the modular approach, the ECHo experiment is designed to be stepwise up-graded. The first on-going phase, ECHo-1k, is characterized by a $^{163}$Ho activity of about 1 kBq will allow for improving the limit on $m(𝜈_{\mathrm{e}})$ by more than one order of magnitude.

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