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Inverse Beta Decay directionality with the Double Chooz Experiment


  • Dr. thierry LASSERRE

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #159 (Ballroom)

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Double Chooz is a reactor neutrino experiment located at Chooz, in France. Its main purpose is to measure the neutrino-mixing angle theta-13. Two liquid scintillator detectors have been taking data since 2011 and the Near detector since 2014.

Reactor electron anti-neutrinos are detected through the inverse beta-decay reaction (IBD), which produces a positron and a neutron. A statistical analysis of these two signals allow to locate the incoming direction of the neutrinos. The exploitation of the IBD directionality information is expected to enhance physics capabilities of liquid scintillator detectors, for core-collapse supernova and non-proliferation neutrino applications.

Thanks to its 2-detectors and 2-reactor cores configuration, as well as its high-statistics, Double Chooz is a unique facility to investigate IBD directionality, to an unprecedented level, beyond the CHOOZ measurement. In this poster, new results on IBD directionality will presented.

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