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An active noise cancellation technique for the CUORE Pulse Tube Cryocoolers


  • Dr. Antonio D'ADDABBO

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for the CUORE collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #85 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

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The CUORE experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratory searches for neutrino-less double beta decay (0νββ) using TeO2 crystals operated as cryogenic bolometers. The ton-scale detector is kept at 10 mK by a custom made dilution cryostat, the today’s biggest milli-Kelvin infrastructure in the world. The success of the experiment stands on the capability to mitigate the mechanical vibrations induced by the five Pulse Tube (PT). To address this problem, we developed an innovative technique to drive the PT pressure oscillations in order to reduce the vibrations transmitted to the detectors. The “active PT noise cancellation” (APTNC) system allows to suppress the detector noise by reducing the amplitude of PT harmonics up to a factor ~100. The APTNC technique has been applied during the first CUORE data taking, which lead to the current best limit on the 0νββ half-life of 130Te. This result will ease the development of large cryogen-free systems for future large-mass rare events searches.

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