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Poster (not participating in poster prize competition)

Metal-beta-diketone Scintillators for Neutrino Experiments


  • Mr. Stefan SCHOPPMANN

Primary authors

Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #119 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

Abstract content

Many neutrino experiments use organic liquid scintillators as detector technology. Some of the advantages as compared to alternative options are a low energy threshold, versatile and the rather precise spectral/timing information. The loading of metals in the organic liquid allows in several cases to enhance the neutrino signal over background events. Such metal loaded scintillators are of interest for the detection of neutrinoless double beta decay, reactor-, solar- and geo-neutrinos.

One way to dissolve the metal in the organic liquid is the use of an organometallic complex. Metal beta-diketone complexes are known for their stability and high purity. Such systems were so far tested and used in solar and reactor neutrino projects. The poster presents the characteristics and basic properties of these scintillator systems mainly for the case of a specific Gd-beta-diketone complex.

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