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HALO-1kT – Helium And Lead Observatory for Supernova Neutrinos with High Sensitivity to $\nu_e$.


  • Dr. Barry POINTON

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for the HALO-1kT collaboration.

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #5 (Robert-Schumann-Room)

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Neutrinos from a CC supernova will shed light on astro- and particle physics processes that leave different signatures on the $\nu$ / $\bar\nu$ fluences. Existing detectors are most sensitive to $\bar\nu_e$, so a lead-based detector with high $\nu_e$ sensitivity would improve the characterization of the neutrino emission.

HALO-1kT, will be located at LNGS, and use 1kt of lead, instrumented with $^3$He neutron counters. $^{208}Pb(\nu_e,e^-)^{208}Bi^*$ reactions emit one or two neutrons that thermalize and are captured by $^3$He. The ratio of 1n to 2n events is sensitive to the neutrino temperature and spectrum. Comparing the HALO-1kT signal with a $\bar{\nu}_e $ detector signal may resolve the neutrino mass hierarchy. HALO-1kT will participate in SNEWS.

HALO-1kT is in design and development. Activities include simulations for optimizing the geometry, development of low background neutron counters and modeling of the physics signal. A final design is expected by the end of 2018.

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