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Neutrino Cubes at the SNS – An Overview and Update


  • Mr. Connor AWE

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for the COHERENT collaboration.

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #99 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

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Neutrino induced neutrons (NINs) are an important background for coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEvNS) measurements at the SNS in Oak Ridge, Tn. This process has never been measured experimentally and has a large theoretical uncertainty. An understanding of this process is critical for the COHERENT collaboration in its ongoing efforts to detect and characterize CEvNS on a variety of nuclei. This interaction is also of interest to studies of r-process nucleosynthesis and super nova neutrino detectors containing lead or iron. The COHERENT collaboration has deployed two “neutrino cubes” to measure NINs in both iron and lead, with plans to measure other materials in the future. The design of the existing neutrino cubes, their current status, and future plans will be discussed. The role of neutrino cubes in the recent discovery of CEvNS is also highlighted.

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