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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Backgrounds characterization, veto and measurement for the Double Chooz Experiment


  • Dr. Thiago BEZERRA

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for the Double Chooz collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #210 (Ballroom)

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Double Chooz is a disappearance neutrino experiment that uses nuclear reactors as source and the Inverse Beta Decay (IBD) reaction as detection signal, in order to measure the neutrino mixing parameter, θ13. The IBD produces a positron and a neutron, and the coincident detection, in time, of both characterizes a signal. The identification of spurious signals is of vital importance for a precise measurement of θ13, since non accounted events might affect the accuracy and precision of the θ13 value. This poster shows how the experiment measures and vetoes the three main sources of background events: accidental, when two random events passes all the IBD selection criteria; Correlated, when a fast neutron from muon spallation processes scatters a proton and is detected afterwards; and Cosmogenics, when a cosmic muon creates long-lived beta/neutron emitters inside the active volume of the detector. In addition, it shows the direct measurement of the background through reactor-off data.

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