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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

The physics potential of a neutrino beam from Protvino to ORCA

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on behalf the KM3NeT Collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #186 (Ballroom)

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The ORCA detector is part of the KM3NeT project. It is currently under construction 40 km off-shore Toulon, France. With an energy threshold of a few GeV and an effective mass of several Mtons, ORCA will make high precision measurements with atmospheric neutrinos.

A neutrino beam from the accelerator center IHEP in Protvino (Russia) to ORCA (France) with a baseline of 2590 km will add significantly to the physics potential of ORCA. Due to the long baseline both matter and CP-phase effects can be studied at comfortably high neutrino energies of 4-6~GeV without leading to degeneracies. Its large instrumented mass allows to harvest a high-statistics beam neutrino sample after few years of operations. Preliminary studies indicate that high significance measurements of both the neutrino mass ordering and the CP phase are feasible on a few years time-scale, assuming a moderate intensity upgrade of the accelerator complex.

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