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A high-statistics search for non-standard neutrino interactions with IceCube DeepCore


  • Thomas EHRHARDT

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for the IceCube collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #160 (Ballroom)

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We present a new search for non-standard neutrino interactions (NSI) with three years of data from IceCube DeepCore. Owing to its dense instrumentation, DeepCore lowers the energy threshold of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory to about 5 GeV and thereby allows detecting and reconstructing high-statistics samples of atmospheric neutrinos. Extra neutrino interactions beyond the Standard Model, or NSI, may arise as the result of various types of new physics, such as extended gauge symmetries or additional neutral leptons. The presence of NSI alters the matter potential atmospheric neutrinos encounter as they propagate through the Earth, which in turn can lead to sizeable effects on the neutrino oscillation probabilities, both at low and high energy. This search has sensitivity to several NSI couplings due to the inclusion of neutrinos of all flavours and makes use of an extended energy range compared to an earlier analysis.

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