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Towards measuring charged-current and neutral-current single neutral-pion production using photon tagging in the electromagnetic calorimeters of the ND280 near detector during T2K neutrino beam operation.


  • Dr. Matthew LAWE

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for the T2K collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #107 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

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As neutrino oscillation experiments continue to improve their sensitivity, it is increasingly important to understand and constrain the details of neutrino interactions with complex nuclei. As part of this drive comes the desire to measure single pion production mechanisms, which can provide particular insight into the cross sections for neutrino interactions that induce baryon resonances and coherent scatterings.

This poster outlines the developing analysis strategy to identify charged-current and neutral-current single neutral-pion interactions within the plastic scintillator target of the T2K ND280 near detector during muon-neutrino beam operation. Particular focus is given to the identification of neutral-pion decay photons within the ND280 electromagnetic calorimeters through the use of multivariate analysis techniques.

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