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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Sensitivity of ORCA to the neutrino mass ordering and oscillation parameters


  • Mr. Simon BOURRET
  • Mr. Liam QUINN

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for the KM3NeT collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #161 (Ballroom)

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ORCA (Oscillations Research with Cosmics in the Abyss) is a megaton-scale Cherenkov neutrino detector currently under construction by the KM3NeT collaboration, at a depth of 2450m in the Mediterranean Sea. Atmospheric neutrinos cross the Earth along a wide range of baselines, undergoing matter effects which enhance neutrino oscillations in the few GeV energy range with a dependence on the neutrino mass ordering (NMO). The ORCA design consists of a dense configuration of multi-PMT optical modules, exploiting the excellent optical properties of deep seawater to reconstruct both cascade events (mostly ${\nu_e}$) and track events (mostly $\nu_\mu$) down to a few GeV. ORCA is expected to measure the NMO with a median significance greater than 3$\sigma$ after a few years of operation. This contribution focuses on the methods and results of the sensitivity studies for the measurement of the mass ordering as well as oscillation parameters ($\theta_{23}$, $\Delta M^2$).

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