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First Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Cross Section Measurement in MicroBooNE


  • Mr. Marco DEL TUTTO
  • Dr. Anne SCHUKRAFT

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Representing the MicroBooNE Collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #109 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

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MicroBooNE is the first of three liquid-argon time projection chambers in the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino Program, which is aiming to probe the electron neutrino like event excess observed by LSND and MiniBooNE. In addition, MicroBooNE has a rich cross section physics program to study neutrino-argon interactions in the energy range of 100MeV to 2GeV. This contribution is presenting the first measurement of the muon neutrino charged-current inclusive cross section from MicroBooNE. The channel has a very well defined signal topology that can be compared to measurements of other experiments. The result will support the understanding of normalization constraints for the oscillation analysis and the sample will be suitable as a pre-selection for many exclusive signal topologies. We present techniques for selecting charged-current muon neutrinos and rejection of the dominant cosmic muon backgrounds, and the extracted neutrino-argon cross sections as a function of muon kinematics.

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