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Measuring nuclear effects of semi-exclusive CCNpM$\pi^0$ final states using the MINER$\nu$A Detector


  • Mr. David COPLOWE

Primary authors

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David Coplowe on behalf of the MINERvA Collaboration

Session and Location

Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #112 (Auditorium Gallery Left)

Abstract content

The current status of probing nuclear effects in CC muon neutrino interactions with at least one proton (N$>$0) and one $\pi^0$ (M$>$0) in the final state is presented. This work considers the differential cross section on hydrocarbon as a function of double transverse momentum -- a kinematic imbalance of the final state hadronic system transverse to the neutrino direction and muon momentum plane. By considering events in MINER$\nu$A's active tracker, a plastic scintillator, semi-exclusive final states are selected to gain an insight into nuclear effects. Such a measurement will not only provide crucial information to current and future multi-GeV neutrino oscillation experiments like NO$\nu$A and DUNE but may also enable reliable measurements of neutrino interactions on hydrogen to be realised.

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