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Contribution Poster high energy neutrinos & cosmic rays

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High-Energy Neutrino follow-up of the first neutron star/neutron star gravitational-wave event GW170817



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for the ANTARES collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #198 (Ballroom)

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For the first time, on August 17th 2017, the LIGO/Virgo interferometers have detected the coalescence of two neutron stars whose associated electromagnetic emission has been observed from radio to gamma-rays. A neutrino follow-up was performed using ANTARES data to search for a potential high-energy neutrino counterpart to this event, together with IceCube and the Pierre Auger Observatory. No neutrino candidate in both temporal and spatial coincidence with GW170817 has been detected within +/-500 s from the event and over an extended time window of +14 days. The neutrino fluence was constrained and compared with theoretical models.

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