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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Characterization of the atmospheric neutrino flux at 6-180 GeV in IceCube-DeepCore.


  • Dr. Joshua HIGNIGHT

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on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration

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Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #164 (Ballroom)

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The IceCube Neutrino Observatory instruments more than a cubic-kilometer of the deep glacial ice below the South Pole Station, Antarctica, creating the world’s largest water Cherenkov detector. With the addition of a low-energy detection array, DeepCore, the observatory is sensitive to neutrinos with energies between ∼ GeV and the EeV- scale. IceCube has now accumulated the world’s largest sample of atmospheric neutrinos, providing the ability to perform precision studies of the flux over the full energy range of the detector. We present the results of atmospheric neutrino flux measurements from ∼ 6 GeV - 180 GeV, using three years of data, with particular attention given to the kaon-to-pion ratio and atmospheric neutrino models comparisons.

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