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Renormalization-Group Equations of Neutrino Masses and Flavor Mixing Parameters in Matter


  • Dr. Shun ZHOU

Primary authors


Session and Location

Wednesday Session, Poster Wall #142 (Hölderlin-Room)

Abstract content

We apply the general idea of renormalization-group equations (RGEs) to understand how neutrino masses and flavor mixing parameters evolve when neutrinos propagate in a medium. Taking the matter parameter $a \equiv 2\sqrt{2}G^{}_{\rm F} N^{}_e E$ to be an arbitrary scale-like variable , we derive a complete set of differential equations for the effective neutrino mixing matrix $V$ and the effective neutrino masses $m^{}_i$ (for $i=1, 2, 3$) without any {\it a priori} phase convention or assumption. In the standard parametrization of $V$ the RGEs for the effective mixing angles and the CP-violating phase in matter are presented. We demonstrate some useful differential invariants which retain the same form from vacuum to matter, including the well-known Naumov and Toshev relations. The RGEs of the partial $\mu$-$\tau$ asymmetries, the off-diagonal asymmetries and the sides of unitarity triangles of $V$ are also obtained as a by-product.

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