12-14 February 2018
Building 3, DESY
Europe/Berlin timezone
++++ Note: Course is fully booked. New registrants will be put on a waiting list ++++

This course communicates basics in Matlab for PhD students.

The three-day course is intended to be an introduction into the numerical software package Matlab. Matlab allows to write own code in a simple language than may immediately combined with the numerous built-in mathematical functions. We will give a presentation along with day-by-day practical exercises. The topics include

  • Getting started with Matlab
  • Graphic functions in Matlab
  • Data Import and Export
  • Basic Programming
  • Convenient built-in Algorithms for Data Analysis
  • (Hopefully) interesting Packages: Toolboxes for Statistics, Optimization, Partial Differential Equations

Dr. Stefan Heitmann, PhD 2003 Oceanography (University of Hamburg)
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
E-mail: stefan.heitmann (at) uni-hamburg.de
Web: https://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/home/heitmann/

Dr. Ulrich Matthes, PhD 2009 Mathematics (TU Dresden)
Work in several externally funded projects on accelerating of PDE-based simulations
E-mail: ulrich.matthes (at) uni-hamburg.de
Web: https://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/home/u.matthes/

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Starts Feb 12, 2018 09:30
Ends Feb 14, 2018 15:30
Building 3, DESY
Seminar room 3
Notkestr. 85 22607 Hamburg
  • Heitmann, Stefan
  • Matthes, Ulrich
Date and time: 12-14 February 2018, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Lecturer: Stefan Heitmann / Ulrich Matthes