WP6 Round Table on Internationalization of the XCELS project

from to (Europe/Bucharest)
at ELI-NP in Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
Description 07.12.2017: 15:00h Facility Tour and Joint Workshop Dinner; 08.12.2017: 9:00h - 14:00h Round Table.
CREMLIN WP6 Round table
On 7-8 December 2017, CEA together with ELI-NP will jointly organize a CREMLIN WP6 European-Russian Round table on "Internationalisation, access and user policy, governance of laser user facilities". The venue of the Round table will be ELI-NP in Magurele near Bucharest, Romania. The objective of the meeting is to discuss and prepare the introduction of fundamentals of an international access, user, and governance policy for the Russian XCELS Exawatt laser project, hosted at the Institute of Applied Physic RAS. Invited participants will be European and Russian experts from CREMLIN WP6 partners as well as external experts.
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