21-22 February 2018
Campus Schenefeld Main Building (XHQ)
Europe/Berlin timezone

SCS Community Proposals

Community proposals are intended to bring together researchers with a common interest in particular instrumentation so that the burden of the first, risky experiments at a new instrument does not fall on particular individuals. They are not intended to replace individual proposals of the same type submitted to access many user facilities.


Non-linear X-ray absorption

  • Developing high repetition rate X-ray absorption spectroscopy at EuXFEL.

  • Better understanding of non-linear interaction between soft X-rays and prototypical solids across multiple elemental resonances up to MHz repetition rates.

  • Highest efficiency in using the provided photons (MHz vs single shot)

  • Establish fluence thresholds (sample damage, electronic damage, heating) comparing different systems (metal vs insulator).

  • Determine X-ray effects on magnetization

  • Mailing list: nl-xas-scs@xfel.eu


Time-resolved X-ray absorption

  • Systematic understanding of time-resolved XAS.

  • Explore time-resolved effects on XAS after laser / THz pumping.

  • E.g. Indirect magnon pumping in NiO and effects on electronic structure.

  • Mailing list: tr-xas-scs@xfel.eu


Non-linear X-ray scattering

  • Non-linear X-ray scattering on a – most likely magnetic – sample.

  • What is the origin of non-linear magnetic SAXS?

  • Data available for soft X-ray limited in intensity, pulse length, only Co.

  • Variation of: x-ray fluence, pulse length, different elements (3d, rare earth?)

  • Using scattering as a channel for XMCD, magnetic scattering shows non-linearity at lower fluences (maybe comparison with charge scattering)

  • Using nanostructures, inhomogeneities, nanoparticles to look at different constituents (strength of the reciprocal space)

  • Commissioning aspect: Preparation for time-resolved scattering experiments

  • Mailing list: nl-scattering-scs@xfel.eu


Time-resolved X-ray scattering

  • Magnetic scattering, explore exchange-driven systems (3d, 100 fs) and spin-orbit driven systems (skyrmion, chiral, 100 fs and slower).

  • Pump-probe on a DMI system, look at q vs time. Example: Pt/Co/W.

  • Driven phase transition (metal-insulator?), after XAS experiment to determine right energy where we have maximum sensitivity.

  • All-optical magnetic switching. See how it breaks into domains

  • Mailing list: tr-scattering-scs@xfel.eu


X-ray holography

  • Ultimate goal: image the spatial variation of the spin dynamics during ultrafast demagnetization with combined nm and fs resolution.

  • Key to understand how angular momentum is dissipated at the ultrafast time scales, one of the open questions of modern condensed matter physics.

  • Mailing list: holography-scs@xfel.eu