12-14 June 2018
HZB Berlin
Europe/Berlin timezone
4. MT days 2018

The fourth annual meeting of the programme "Matter and Technologies" will take place at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin from Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to Thursday, June 14, 2018.

The day before the workshop, Monday, June 11, 2018, there will be the opportunity for topical meetings. In addition the students connected to the programme will organize the "Fourth MT student retreat", starting around noon on Monday. As part of the meeting, attendees are invited to submit posters. Posters will be on display on Tuesday, including the get together in the evening. A selected number of people will have the chance to present their poster in a short oral presentation at the start of the poster session. When submitting your poster please indicate whether you are interested in this possibility. Please note that - due to the limited amount of time available - we cannot promise that everyone has a chance to present his/ her poster in this way. A guided tour to BESSY II, bERLinPro, Metrology Light Source (MLS) will come along with the student´s retreat, concluded by a social event in the evening.

Starting on Tuesday, June 12, at 13:00, the meeting will begin with the usual plenary session in the "Bunsen-Saal" of the WISTA building, Volmerstrasse 2, Adlershof,followed by the poster session and a reception in the evening.

On Wednesday, June 13, the workshop will split into parallel sessions of ARD and DTS talks in the HZB main building (WCRC, 14.51, lecture hall) and its satellite building (WCRC, 13.10, 006, "Kino/cinema"). Common coffee breaks of both ARD and DTS enthusiasts will provide space and opportunity to meet, talk and exchange experiences, ideas and whatever the Universe is about. Guided tours to BESSY II, bERLinPro, MLS and the entire and growing HZB facilities will be offered in the late afternoon / evening, followed by a workshop dinner in the foyer of HZB´s main building at 20:00.

On the third day, Thursday, June 14, the workshop will return to the Bunsen-Saal of WISTA, Volmerstraße 2, again,  with plenary talks and a close out around 13:00.

Regarding travelling: Count at least 90 min´s from HZB to Airport Tegel and 60 min´s to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, if you use public transport. Schönefeld Airport is a quick hop from HZB (20 min´s travel time).

Welcome to Berlin, welcome to HZB and very welcome to BESSY II! Registration is open until 04.06.2018.

This is the link to a map of Adlershof:

Link to 4th Matter and Technology Meeting photo: https://indico.desy.de/indico/event/19923/material/slides/0.jpg


Starts Jun 12, 2018 10:00
Ends Jun 14, 2018 13:50
HZB Berlin
various rooms, please see programme
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 15 12489 Berlin (Adlershof)