from February 25, 2019 to March 1, 2019
Hotel am Badersee, Zugspitzdorf Grainau
Europe/Berlin timezone
We are approaching the final phase of the Horizon 2020 Project EuPRAXIA...

Participant List

Number of participants: 64

downname institution position city country/region
ASSMANN, Ralph DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. BARNA, Imre Ferenc Wigner RCP of the H.A.S. Associate Professor Budapest Hungary
Dr. BERNHARD, Axel KIT   Karlsruhe Germany
Mr. BROTTIER, Franck Europportunities OÜ CEO Tallinn Estonia
Dr. BRUENDERMANN, Erik Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)   Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Germany
Mr. BURKART, Florian DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. CHANCE, Antoine CEA   Gif-Sur-Yvette France
Prof. CHEN, Min Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Dr. CIANCHI, Alessandro University of Rome Tor Vergata   Rome Italy
Dr. COUPRIE, Marie Emmanuelle synchrotron SOLEIL   Saint Aubin France
Dr. CROS, Brigitte CNRS LPGP   Orsay France
Dr. CRUMP, Paul FBI, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik   Berlin Germany
Dr. DELERUE, Nicolas CNRS and U-Psud   Orsay France
FERRAN POUSA, Ángel DESY PhD Student Hamburg Germany
Dr. FERRARIO, Massimo INFN-LNF   Frascati (Roma) Italy
Dr. GIZZI, Leonida Antonio CNR-INO and INFN-PI   Pisa Italy
Mr. HEINEMANN, Thomas DESY / University of Strathclyde   Hamburg Germany
Dr. HOLZER, Bernhard CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Prof. HOSOKAI, Tomonao Osaka Univ. / RIKEN SPring-8   Osaka Japan
Mr. JAFARINIA, Farzad DESY PhD Student Hamburg Germany
Prof. JAROSZYNSKI, Dino University of Strathclyde   Glasgow United Kingdom
Prof. KOSTYUKOV, Igor Institute of Applied Physics RAS   Nizhny Novgorod Russian Federation
Dr. LABATE, Luca CNR - INO   Pisa Italy
Dr. LECHNER, Christoph DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. LEEMANS, Wim DESY   22607 Hamburg Germany
Dr. LI, Boyuan Shanghai Jiao Tong University   Shanghai China
Prof. LU, Wei Tsinghua University   Beijing China
MAIER, Andreas Hamburg University and ELI Beamlines   Hamburg Germany
MARCHETTI, Barbara DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. MARTINEZ DE LA OSSA, Alberto DESY   Hamburg Germany
Mr. MINNIBERGER, Tom DESY   Hamburg Germany
Prof. MOSTACCI, Andrea Sapienza, University of Rome Associate Professor Rome Italy
Dr. MURPHY, Christopher York Plasma Institute / University of York   York United Kingdom
Prof. NAJMUDIN, Zulfikar The John Adams Institute Professor South Kensington United Kingdom
Dr. NGHIEM, Phu Anh Phi CEA   Gif sur Yvette France
NGUYEN, Federico ENEA   Frascati Italy
Dr. NIKNEJADI, Pardis DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. PATTATHIL, Rajeev Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Gemini Group Leader Didcot United Kingdom
Mr. POCSAI, Mihály András Wigner RCP of the H.A.S. / Univ. of Pécs Associate Research Fellow Budapest Hungary
Ms. PUGACHEVA, Daria Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences   Moscow Russian Federation
Prof. PUKHOV, Alexander University of Dusseldorf Professor Dusseldorf Germany
Dr. REAGAN, Brendan Lawrence Livermore National Lab   Livermore United States
Prof. ROSENZWEIG, James UCLA Distinguished Professor of Physics Los Angeles United States
Dr. ROSSI, Andrea Renato INFN - Milan   Milan Italy
Mrs. RUDOLPH, Ruth DESY EuPRAXIA ADMIN Hamburg Germany
Dr. SANO, Yuji Japan Science and Technology Agency Program Manager, ImPACT Tokyo Japan
Dr. SARRI, Gianluca Queen's University Belfast Reader Belfast United Kingdom
Dr. SCHROEDER, Carl Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   Berkeley United States
Dr. SIDERS, Craig LLNL Senior Scientist Livermore United States
Dr. SILVA, Thales Instituto Superior Técnico   Lisbon Portugal
Mr. SIMON BOISSON, Christophe Thales LAS France   Elancourt France
Dr. SPECKA, Arnd CNRS/IN2P3 - Ecole Polytechnique   PAlaiseau France
Dr. STREETER, Matthew Imperial College London   London United Kingdom
Dr. SVYSTUN, Elena DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. TOCI, Guido CNR-INO Researcher Sesto Fiorentino Italy
Dr. TOMASSINI, Paolo CNR-INO Researcher Pisa Italy
Dr. VACCAREZZA, Cristina INFN-LNF   Frascati Italy
Dr. VIEIRA, Jorge Instituto Superior Técnico   Lisbon Portugal
Prof. WALCZAK, Roman University of Oxford   Oxford United Kingdom
Dr. WALKER, Paul DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. WEIKUM, Maria Katharina DESY   Hamburg Germany
Prof. WELSCH, Carsten University of Liverpool Head of Department Liverpool United Kingdom
Dr. XIA, Guoxing University of Manchester   Manchester United Kingdom