String Theory Seminar

Consistent perturbative fixed point calculations in gauge theories

by Thomas Ryttov (CP³-Origins)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at SR4b
In order to obtain a better understanding of non-supersymmetric as well as supersymmetric gauge theories in the the non-Abliean Coulomb phase it is important that we can reliably calculate scaling dimensions of composite operators. We show how to consistently calculate scaling dimensions order by order in perturbation theory in a fully scheme independent and unambiguous manner. In supersymmetric gauge theories we find that the scaling dimension of all gauge invariant chiral operators as well as central charges a, b and c are astonishingly well be approximated by a few loops computation throughout the entire conformal window. We also study how electric magnetic duality emerges order by order within the conformal window. Finally we study scaling dimensions in non-supersymmetric gauge theories to the maximum known order and provide evidence that a similar precision is achieved here.