15-16 May 2018
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Science Talks

  • G. Fiquet (IMPMC) "Novel experimental setups for studying silicates and iron alloys under extreme conditions"
  • A. Goncharov (Geophysical Laboratory) "Probing of melting, superionicity, and liquid-liquid phase transitions at XFEL using pulsed internal resistive and laser heating in DAC"
  • M. Gorman (LLNL) “Strain-Rate Tuning of the Jahn-Teller Distortion in Metalloids”
  • Z. Jenei (LLNL) "Phase transitions in metals at high (~100 TPa/s) compression rates in the dynamic Diamond Anvil Cell"
  • M. McMahon (Uni. Edinburgh) "Accessing new P-T regimes, and new science, in the alkali metals at the European XFEL"
  • S. McWilliam (Uni. Edinburgh) "High temperature experiments under pressure using pulse laser heating at European XFEL"
  • C. Pépin (CEA) "Crystallization of bismuth and water at ms-timescale using a dDAC"
  • G. Spiekermann (Uni. Potsdam) "Valence-to-core XES spectra of dynamically compressed amorphous GeO2 to 200 GPa"
  • C.-S. Yoo (Washington State Uni.) "Novel Chemistry in Quantum Solid Mixtures"

Instumentation Talks

  • K. Appel (XFEL) "Day one X-ray and spectroscopy capabilities anticipated for the HED instument"
  • H. P. Liermann (DESY)  "Interaction Chamber 2 and its dDAC diffraction capabilites"
  • Z. Konopkova (XFEL) "Interaction Chamber 1 + 2 and pulsed laser heating X-ray capabilities"