12-13 November 2018
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
outstation at DESY
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission opening day: 04 October 2018
Abstract submission deadline: 11 November 2018

Only oral presentations are accepted. Each talk will be allocated a slot of 30 minutes, but speakers should allow sufficient time for discussions (at least 10 mins).

Presentations should be broadly related to this workshop's topic "scintillators and detectors" and ideally address related developments and challenges. Remember, this is not a conference but an exchange for experience and solutions . We encourage all speakers to also include a current hot-topic, i.e. the hard nut that you’re trying to crack right now. Up to two presentations can be submitted per facility.

In preparation for the workshop we ask that every beamline prepares 3-4 general information slides containing the following information: i) beamline layout and optical scheme and ii) details on key parameters, instrumentation and scientific focus. These slides should be sent in via a seperate abstract submission (type: "instrument slides") one week before the workshop (i.e by 5.11.2018). The organizers will make these slides available to all participants so that the presenters will not have to use much time on general descriptions of their beamlines.
Possible actions you can carry out: