3rd Annual Workshop of the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale"
from Wednesday, November 11, 2009 (08:00) to Friday, November 13, 2009 (18:00)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Thursday, November 12, 2009
Friday, November 13, 2009
Registration (until 13:30) (Foyer of Lecture Hall)
LHC-D BSM: Parallel Session II (until 12:30) (Sem. R. 4 b)
08:40  Search for SUSY using dilepton events - Daniel Sprenger (I. Physikalisches Institut B, RWTH Aachen University)  
09:00  Model independent search in CMS with MUSiC - Carsten Hof Hof (RWTH Aachen University)  
09:20  Searching for Multijet Resonances at the LHC - Steffen Schumann (Heidelberg University)  
09:40  Combined SUSY search with muons at CMS - Valery Zhukov (University Karlsruhe IEKP)  
10:00  Soft-gluon resummation for squark and gluino hadroproduction - Silja Brensing (RWTH Aachen University)  
10:20 --- break ---
10:35  Unparticles and large extra dimensions with di-muons in CMS - Arnd Meyer (RTWH Aachen University)  
10:55  Predicting the Scale of Supersymmetry - Georg Weiglein (DESY)  
11:15  SUSY mass determination using kinematic fits - Benedikt Mura (Universität Hamburg)  
11:35  Search for signatures of the Three Site Higgsless Model using the ATLAS detector - Fabian Bach (Würzburg University)  
11:55  Collider Signatures of Minimal Flavor Mixing from Stop Decay Length Measurements - Henning Sedello (Dortmund University)  
LHC-D Top: Parallel Session II (until 12:35) (Sem. R. 4 a)
09:00  Top properties (mass and W-helicity in l+jets) with template and Matrix-Element analyses (ATLAS) - Andrea Knue (CMS Desy)  
09:20  High pt top reconstruction with patterns in jet substructure (ATLAS) - Peter Kovesarki (PhD student)  
09:40  BSM in ttbar decays / boosted top (CMS) - Thomas Peiffer (University of Karlsruhe)  
10:00  Interferences in the ttbar invariant mass spectrum (ATLAS) - Markus Mechtel (Wuppertal)  
10:20 --- Coffee break ---
10:40  Ttbar cross section at 10TeV (CMS) - Jasmin Gruschke (Universität Karlsruhe / KIT)  
11:00  Report from Alliance Workshop: Single Top - Martin zur Nedden (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin)  
11:20  Single top (CMS) - Jeannine Wagner-Kuhr (University of Karlsruhe)  
11:40  Stand der Studien zu Single-Top bei 10 TeV und 200 pb-1 (ATLAS) - Philipp Sturm (Wuppertal)  
12:00  Discussion on Common Projects in LHC-D Top Group  
LHC-D Flavour: Parallel Session (until 12:30) (Sem. R. 3)
09:00  Welcome and introduction  
09:05  Analysis of first data at LHCb - Markward Britsch (MPI Heidelberg)  
09:25  Measurement of the mixing phase in J/psi Phi - Christoph Langenbruch (University of Heidelberg)  
09:45  Measurement of the angle gamma - Moritz Karbach (TU Dortmund)  
10:05  CP asymmetries in Bs -> phi phi - Sebastian Schleich (TU Dortmund)  
10:25  ATLAS Prospects in B-physics Channels Sensitive to New Physics - Wolfgang Walkowiak (ATLAS, U Siegen)  
10:45 --- break ---
11:00  Flavour Physics in Randall-Sundrum Models - Martin Bauer (U Mainz)  
11:20  Search for lepton flavor violation in the decay tau -> mumumu with LHCb - Marco Meissner (University of Heidelberg)  
11:40  D0-D0bar mixing - what is to be expected from LHCb? - Joerg Marks (University of Heidelberg)  
12:00  NNLO Correction to B -> pi pi Decays - Tobias Huber (University of Siegen)  
LHC-D Higgs: Parallel Session II (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall)
09:00  The Higgs search in the channel WH,H->bb at high transverse momenta - Christian Weiser (Uni Freiburg)  
09:25  Low energy theorem in SUSY QCD at 2-loop for H -> b bbar - Christoph Reißer (KIT)  
09:50  Three-loop Corrections to the Mass of the Light Higgs Boson in the MSSM - Philipp Kant (HU Berlin)  
10:15  Electroweak contributions to Higgs + Jet Production - Oliver Brein (Uni Freiburg)  
10:40 --- break ---
11:00  1-loop MSSM corrections to Higgs production in VBF - Sophy Palmer (KIT)  
11:25  Vector Boson Fusion in Herwig++ - Christoph Hackstein (KIT)  
11:50  Pseudoscalar Higgs Decays into W and Z Bosons - Martin Wiebusch (RWTH Aachen)  
LHC-D QCD and EW: Parallel Session II (until 12:30) (FEL Hall)
09:00  Underlying event measurements and MC generator tuning with first LHC data - Holger Schulz (HU Berlin) Holger Schulz (HU Berlin)  
09:20  Z->mumu jet calibration - Danilo Piparo (EKP Karlsruhe)  
09:40  Inclusive Jets - Michael Heinrich (Karlsruhe)  
10:00  Alpha_s determination via the differential 2-Jet-Rate - Markus Lichtnecker (LMU Munich)  
10:20 --- break ---
10:40  EW fits with GFitter - Johannes Haller (University Hamburg) Martin Goebel (Uni Hamburg / DESY)  
11:00  Electroweak Sudakov Logarithms and Real Gauge-Boson Radiation in the TeV Region - Joerg Rittinger (TTP Karlsruhe)  
11:20  NNLL Electroweak Corrections to Gauge Boson Pair Production at LHC - Sandro Uccirati (TTP Karlsruhe)  
12:30 --- Lunch break ---
Workshop Plenary (until 12:35) (Lecture Hall)
09:00  Status of the Alliance - Ian Brock (University of Bonn)  
09:20  Recent developments and plans for Accelerator Physics in the Alliance - Eckhard Elsen (DESY)  
09:45  New Detector Developments - Lutz Feld (RWTH Aachen)  
10:10  News from the Analysis Project - Markus Schumacher (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)  
10:30 --- break ---
10:50  Terascale Physics with Heavy Flavors at the LHC - Ulrich Uwer (Universität Heidelberg)  
11:10  Top Physics at LHC-D - Frank-Peter Schilling (KIT / University of Karlsruhe)  
11:30  Electroweak and QCD Physics Summary - Frank Raupach (RWTH Aachen)  
11:50  Higgs Physics Summary - Margarete Muehlleitner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT)  
12:10  Global fits of SUSY parameters - Peter Wienemann (University of Bonn)  
12:30  Closing of the 3rd annual Alliance meeting - Ties Behnke (DESY)  
International Advisory Board meeting / lunch (until 15:05) (Sem. R. 7a)
12:35 --- Lunch break ---
Opening session (until 15:30) (Lecture Hall)
13:30  Welcome message and organisational issues - Isabell-A. Melzer-Pellmann (DESY)  
13:40  Status of the LHC (video message) - Rolf Heuer (CERN)  
14:00  Recent developments in theory - Stefan Dittmaier (Uni Freiburg)  
14:30  Status of particle physics - Thomas Hebbeker (Aachen)  
15:00  "Physics at the Terascale": Alliance past, present and future - Peter Maettig (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)  
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
LHC-D BSM: Parallel Session I (until 18:40) (Sem. R. 4 b)
16:00  R-Parity violating SUSY with stau-LSP using the ATLAS detector - Sebastian Fleischmann (Bonn University)  
16:20  Gluinonia: Energy Levels, Production and Decay - Matthias Kauth (Karlsruhe University)  
16:40  Search for 4th Generation Quarks with the ATLAS-Detector - Rocco Mandrysch (Humboldt-University Berlin)  
17:00  The constrained E6SSM - Peter Athron (Dresden University)  
17:20  Strategies for leptonic SUSY-searches in and beyond mSUGRA - Carsten Meyer (Mainz University)  
17:40  SUSY LHC signatures without prejudice - John Conley (Bonn University)  
18:00  Search for GMSB SUSY with ATLAS - Dörte Ludwig (Hamburg University/DESY)  
18:20  SARAH - A Tool for SUSY Model Builders - Florian Staub (Würzburg University)  
LHC-D Top: Parallel Session I (until 18:40) (Sem. R. 4 a)
16:00  MS bar mass extraction of the top quark - Ulrich Langenfeld (HU Berlin)  
16:20  W+jets background for ttbar (ATLAS) - Sascha Mehlhase (DESY)  
16:40  Ttbar cross section measurement in l+jets with topological likelihoods (ATLAS) - Stefan Guindon (Goettingen) Anna Henrichs (Goettingen)  
17:00  Ttbar spin correlations (CMS) - Martina Davids (III. Phys. Intitut B, RWTH Aachen)  
17:20  Report from Alliance Workshop: Fourth Generation - Heiko Lacker (Humboldt University of Berlin)  
17:40  QCD radiation in ttbar events (CMS) - Alexander Flossdorf (DESY)  
18:00  Top for Calibration (CMS) - Sebastian Naumann-Emme (Uni Hamburg)  
18:20  Top event reconstruction with KLfitter (ATLAS) - Johannes Erdmann (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, II. Physikalisches Institut)  
LHC-D Higgs: Parallel Session I (until 18:30) (Sem. R. 3)
16:00  Beyond the heavy top limit in gg→ H at LHC - Mikhail Rogal (KIT)  
16:25  Finite top mass effects in hadronic Higgs production at NNLO - Kemal Ozeren (Uni Wuppertal)  
16:50  HiggsBounds: Confronting arbitrary Higgs sectors with exclusion bounds from LEP and the Tevatron - Karina Williams (Uni Bonn)  
17:15  Evaluation of Higgs boson production cross sections - Markus Warsinsky (Uni Freiburg)  
17:40  bbA/H -> mu mu - Hendrik Weber (RWTH Aachen)  
18:05  NLO QCD corrections to pp -> ttbb - Malgorzata Worek (Uni Wuppertal)  
LHC-D QCD and EW: Parallel Session I (until 18:30) (FEL Hall)
16:00  Introduction  
16:10  Z->mu mu - Otto Hindrichs (RWTH, IB)  
16:30  ME+PS matching with Catani-Seymour Showers - Steffen Schumann (Heidelberg) Steffen Schumann (ITP Heidelberg)  
16:50  Coherent Dipole Showers and Matching with NLO - Simon Plaetzer (ITP Karlsruhe)  
17:10  Z+jets cross section measurement with first data - Despoina Evangelakou (Goettingen)  
17:30  Generator studies for W/Z+jet production - Thorsten Kuhl (Wuppertal) Thorsten Kuhl (Universität Wuppertal)  
17:50  bbZ->mu mu - Natalie Heracleous (RWTH, IB)  
Welcome reception (until 22:00) (Canteen (extension))
Analysis Project (until 17:50) (Lecture Hall)
14:00  Introduction - Klaus Moenig (DESY) Michael Krämer (RWTH Aachen University)  
14:05  Analysis Centre: Overview - Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (DESY)  
14:15  Analysis Centre: Monte Carlo activities - Albert Knutsson (DESY)  
14:35  Analysis Centre: work on statistical tools - Gero Flucke (DESY)  
14:55  Herwig++ - Stefan Gieseke (Universitaet Karlsruhe)  
15:15  Analysis Centre: Parton Distribution Functions - Johannes Bluemlein (DESY)  
15:35 --- Coffee break ---
15:55  ILC physics studies - Daniela Kaefer (DESY-Hamburg)  
16:20  Neutrino - LHC working group - Werner Porod (Würzburg)  
16:35  Status of the Mtautau working group - Michael Kobel (TU Dresden)  
16:50  HELAC - Malgorzata Worek (Bergische Universitat Wuppertal)  
17:10  VISPA - Tatsiana Klimkovich (RWTH Aachen University)  
Accelerator Project (until 17:30) (Sem. R. 4 b)
14:00  Introduction to the Alliance Accelerator Research and Perspectives - Eckhard Elsen (DESY)  
14:15  Optical inspection of SRF cavities at DESY - Sebastian Aderhold (DESY)  
14:35  Second Sound as diagnostic tool for SCRF cavities - Felix Schlander (DESY) Hannes Vennekate  
15:15  A digitally controlled test stand for SCRF cavities - Marc Wenskat (University Goettingen)  
15:35 --- break ---
15:50  Construction of an electron spectrometer for photo-enhanced field emission studies - Benjamin Bornmann (Uni Wuppertal, physics department, group of Prof. G. Mueller, accelerator physics)  
16:10  Surface roughness and correlated field emission investigations of electropolished Nb samples - Aliaksandr Navitski  
16:30  Multi bunch feedback systems for ELSA - Andre Roth  
16:50  A single bunch injector for ELSA - Fabian Klarner  
17:10  Contributions to advanced accelerator concepts - Shaukat Khan (Technische Universitaet Dortmund)  
Detector Project (until 17:30) (Sem. R. 4 a)
14:00  Electrical ATLAS Pixel Read-Out System - Matthias George (Uni Göttingen)  
14:15  Highlights of Radiation Damage Studies at Hamburg University - Alexandra Junkes (Experimentalphysik)  
14:35  Results and new test setups of the VLDT Karlsruhe - Martin Frey (IEKP Karlsruhe)  
14:50  Recirculating CO2 Cooling Test Stand - Lutz Feld (RWTH Aachen)  
15:00  Studies towards a DC-DC Conversion Powering Scheme for the CMS Tracker at SLHC - Katja Klein (RWTH Aachen)  
Slides powerpoint filedown arrow
15:20  A Large TPC Prototype at the DESY II Test Beam - Christoph Rosemann (DESY Hamburg)  
15:40 --- break ---
15:55  Characterising Silicon Photomultipliers for the Analogue Hadronic Calorimeter for the ILC - Alexander Tadday (KIP Heidelberg)  
16:15  Shower reconstruction in highly granular calorimeters - Frank Simon (Max-Planck-Institute for Physics)  
16:35  A Test System For A Fast Data Transmission Line - Ingrid-Maria Gregor (DESY)  
16:50  A fast muon track tag for the CMS Level 1 trigger @ SLHC - Jörg Rennefeld (RWTH Aachen)  
17:05  Modification of the PreProcessor System for the ATLAS LVL1 Calorimeter Trigger: From ASIC to FPGA - Andrei Khomich (Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg University)  
Grid Project (until 16:59) (Sem. R. 3)
14:00  News from Monitoring and dCache sub-projects - Christopher Jung (FZK) Volker Buege (Universität Karlsruhe)  
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14:20  Report on european and national Grid projects (EGI, NGI, Gauss)  
14:40  Tier2 reports  
15:40  Discussion  
Institute Assembly (until 19:30) (Sem. R. 4 b)
NAF User Meeting (until 19:00) (Sem. R. 4 a)
17:30  Welcome - Wolfgang Ehrenfeld (DESY)  
17:35  NAF News and Updates - Yves Kemp (DESY)  
17:50  ATLAS use case - Susanne Kuehn (University of Freiburg)  
18:00  CMS use case - Volker Buege (Universität Karlsruhe)  
18:10  ILC use case - Angela Lucaci-Timoce (FLC, CALICE)  
18:20  LHCb use case - Johan Blouw (LHCb)  
18:30  Discussion  
Fellow's meeting (until 19:00) (Sem. R. 3)
Workshop Dinner (until 23:30) (Canteen (extension))
Neutrino-LHC working group (until 18:00) (Grosser Gaestespeiseraum)
Mtautau Working Group (until 18:00) (Sem. R. 3)
Management Board meeting (until 18:00) (Sem. R. 5)