HEP Student Seminars

Testing the Littlest Higgs Model against LHC 13 Results with CheckMATE

by Daniel Dercks (University of Hamburg)

Monday, November 5, 2018 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at DESY Hamburg ( Seminar Room 03 )
Little Higgs Models provide an interesting alternative,
non-supersymmetric solution to the hierarchy problem. In the special
case of Littlest Higgs Models with T-Parity (LHT), the expected LHC
topologies very much mimic those expected from supersymmetric extensions
of the Standard Model, e.g. the MSSM. As many LHC searches for BSM
particles are specifically designed for such final states, "recasting"
SUSY results on the Littlest Higgs model provides important constraints
on the viable parameter space of the model.

In my talk, I will discuss the idea and the phenomenology of the LHT
Model and focus on the similarities to the MSSM. I will then illustrate
the procedure of "recasting" and how the collider phenomenology tool
CheckMATE can be used to test this model against many possible LHC
analyses, and discuss the results. Combining these with complementary
results drawn from electroweak precision data, important absolute
constraints on the key quantity of the LHT model (the symmetry breaking
scale f) can be obtained.
Organised by Frued Braren, Joscha Knolle, Johannes Michel, Riccardo Nagar
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