Venue: DESY, Campus Bahrenfeld, building 1b and 1, SR
Date: 4 April 2019

Note: The number of places for the workshops and round tables is limited, and the allocation of the available places follows the "first come, first served" principle. Your registration is pending until the final confirmation from the organisers, which will be e-mailed to you after the end of the registration deadline in mid-March 2019.


► Venue: SR 4a/b

Keynote speakers:

Bernd Martens, DZHW: "Career paths of scientists"

Dr. Bernd Martens is a sociologist who focused on projects in technology research and science studies. He was engaged in the collaborative research centre 580 “Social Developments after Structural Change - Discontinuity, Tradition, Structural Formation“ at Universität Jena and at the Zentrum für Sozialforschung Halle. Since 2018 he is the representative project manager of a PhD candidate survey ( at the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung, DZHW).

Axel Lindner, DESY: "From science to science management and back to science"

Dr. Axel Lindner is a particle physicist and former science manager at DESY. He initially concentrated on data analysis and detector development, later he switched to astroparticle physics, where he focused on the investigation of "air showers" caused by high-energy cosmic radiation. As a science manager, Axel took over the coordination of the research funding of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the fields of particle and astroparticle physics. He then managed the directorate office at DESY and developed it into a staff unit with strategic responsibilities. In parallel, Axel has pushed for novel particle physics experiments: He led the ALPS I experiment (2007-2010), is currently spokesman for the ALPS II collaboration, whose experiment is currently being developed at DESY, and is also involved in the planned IAXO axion solar telescope and the dark matter experiment MADMAX.

Linda Jauch, Hamburg Research Academy:

Dr. Linda Jauch is responsible for postdocs and junior professors at the Hamburg Research Academy. After completing her entire higher education in the UK (London, Oxford, Cambridge), she decided for a career in higher education management and started as administrator for Cambridge’s Judge Business School. Moving to Germany she held various positions at Freie Universität Berlin, focussing more and more on early career researchers. From 2014 to 2018 she managed the Graduate Academy of the Universität of Oldenburg and also served as assistant to the vice president for early career researchers. She is an active member of various national groups and associations surrounding support for early career researchers and co-author of the UniWind publication "Außeruniversitäre Karrierewege für Promovierte: Arbeitgeber im Gespräch“ (2018).The Hamburg Research Academy is the central port of call for prospective doctoral candidates, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, junior professors, and their supervisors at nine higher education institutions in Hamburg.



Business: Niels Delbos, Senior Consultant, Senacor Technologies AG

Dr. Niels Delbos works as Senior Consultant at Senacor Technologies AG with office location in Hamburg. Taking part in Senacor's professional consulting track, he consults agile software projects in Frankfurt and Berlin as Business Consultant in the context of banking and e-commerce. Prior to his employment with Senacor, he finished his PhD in physics at the University of Hamburg and participated in building the laser-plasma accelerator LUX.
► Venue: SR 4a, building 1b

Media: Katrin Laatsch, Freelancer

Dr. Katrin Laatsch works as a freelance science journalist, author, translator and university lecturer in Hamburg since 2004. Her journalistic focus lies on egyptology, archaeology, history, literature, film, culture, geo- and astro science, as well as life science.
► Venue: SR 3a, building 1b

Science Management: Nele Müller, DESY

Dr. Nele Müller holds a PhD in Physics (Universität Hamburg, 2016, Controlled Molecule Imaging group at CFEL/DESY) and is now working as Scientific Assistant to the Head of Division Photon Science at DESY. Nele coordinates scientific cooperation, committee meetings and affairs at DESY Photon Science regarding the Helmholtz Association.
► Venue: SR 5, building 1b

Public services: Stephan F. Brandt, German Federal Health Ministry

Dr. Stephan Brandt finished his biology study with the Phd in 2002. After research activities at the University of Wales and the TU Darmstadt, he started working as a consultant for the Federal Ministry of Health in Berlin. Since 2011 he has been the deputy director of the unit 115: “Biotechnology innovations, nanotechnology and genetic engineering”.
► Venue: SR 4b, building 1b

Teaching: Dortje Schirok, Gymnasium Klosterschule

Dortje Schirok holds a Master's degree in theoretical physics. After half a year of lectureship at school she is now a teacher trainee for the subjects of maths and physics.
► Venue: SR 3, building 1b

Science Management: Linda Jauch, Hamburg Research Academy
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 1b, building 1


COFFEE BREAK, 14:30 - 15:00


Business & marketing: Arne Ewerbeck, Möhre3

Dr. Arne Ewerbeck (PhD in physics) is working as a marketing expert and is founder of the digital agency Möhre3. He is supporting companies in their digital transformation as well as on digital marketing concepts. He is also the owner of a cooking school, a well-known German blog and works as an expert for various food companies.
► Venue: SR 4b, building 1b

Industry: Christopher Hedemann, AIRBUS (for Jade Garcia, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy)

Note: Jade Garcia cannot make it to session II, unfortunately. She will be available for session III, however (see below). Christopher Hedemann of Airbus was kind enough to step in for Jade at very short notice: Christopher is a data scientist for the Cabin and Cargo division of Airbus. He studied environmental engineering, sociology and literature in his native Australia before joining the climate change not-for-profit CDP in London as account manager for water reporting.  He earned his PhD in climate change science from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and the University of Hamburg.
► Venue: SR3, building 1b

Business: Nora Reinecke, VentusVentures

Dr. Nora Reinecke works at the VentusVentures Corporate Group as the head of the department bizz energy Research. Here she is concerned with business development, research, project development and business consultancy with a focus on the energy and financial markets, renewable energies and mobility.
► Venue: SR 1b, building 1

Business: Niels Delbos, Senior Consultant, Senacor Technologies AG
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 4a, building 1b

Media: Katrin Laatsch, Freelancer
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 3a, building 1b

Science Management: Dr. Nele Müller, DESY
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 5, building 1b

COFFEE BREAK, 16:00 - 16:30


Business: Solveig Moré, patent attorney

Dr. Solveig Moré is a German patent attorney and a European patent attorney. With technical expertise in the biotechnological field, a primary focus of her work is drafting patent applications and prosecuting German, European and international patent applications, as well as coordinating patent prosecution in other countries. Another aspect is the preparation of freedom to operate, patent infringement and validity opinions, as well as in carrying out opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO, or involvement in nullity and infringement actions. An important part of her work is advising inventors, scientific institutes, universities and start-up companies with regard to patent law.
► Venue: SR 3a, building 1b

Industry: Jade Garcia, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Dr. Jade Garcia has PhD in the field of Earth System Sciences and Modelling and is a data analyst, SQL developer, and database administrator for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy's wind turbine performance reporting system. Siemens Gamesa is a leading supplier of wind power solutions: manufacturing turbines and providing onshore and offshore wind services.
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 3, building 1b

Public services: Stephan F. Brandt, German Federal Health Ministry
► Details: see above. Venue: SR 5, building 1b

Business / Start-up: Natalia Tomiyama, Nüwiel GmbH

Dr. Natalia Tomiyama is co-founder of Hamburg-based start-up Nüwiel GmbH and head of sales, distribution and marketing. Nüwiel manufactures and sells electric bicycle trailers. More info:
► Venue: SR 4b, building 1b

Research/Industry/Teaching: Miriam Schwendker, Gymnasium Corveystraße

Dr. Miriam Schwentker currently works as a teacher of physics and mathematics in a high school in Hamburg. After acquiring her diploma in physics at the university of Heidelberg (working in the lab of Prof. Sackmann) she worked on her doctorate on super resolution microscopy in the lab of Nobel laureate Stefan Hell in Göttingen. In a next step she turned from the scientific field towards industry and spent 11 years as a product manager with Olympus Europa. As a product manager she was responsible for the European-wide marketing of different types of microscopes. After her second baby she once again decided to switch careers and is working as a physics and mathematics teacher since 2017.
► Venue: SR 4a, building 1b