Workshop 5. Job & career opportunities in industry and beyond with Jan Heise
Venue & Date: SR 5, building 1b, Bahrenfeld Campus, 9:30-17:00, 5 April 2019

Industry offers scientific researchers a much higher variety of jobs and career opportunities as the academic environment does. However, can you tell what life in industry is about? Is Post-Doc work experience an advantage or disadvantage?  What are differences in jobs and career opportunities between Global Players, midsize companies and Start-ups? How did the coach changed from being a Post-Doc to being a successful entrepreneur?

 Your Personal Job Springboard

 How could your personal strategy for your career look like and how can you successfully apply?

Your Coach

The former Post-Doc and competitive rower Dr. Jan Heise founded in 2009 the biotech company NH DyeAGNOSTICS GmbH. As a Life Science Business Coach & Manager Heise provides his knowledge to start-up companies (to professionalize business) as well as to scientists (to pursue a career outside academia). This may include the successful selling of ideas/ projects/ products or the identification and successful application for a novel job. He assists people to prepare for important negotiations (e.g. contracts) and provides recommendations and support for your personal career. More information: and