4-6 April 2019
Campus Bahrenfeld, Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Join MDC! Top-level scientific talks, personal (career) perspectives, exchange of experiences, and networking

The "Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship Conference" (MDC) will gather the excellent "Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professors" as well as experts in the field of equal opportunity, diversity and careers in science.

Throughout her professional life Mildred Dresselhaus (1930 - 2017), highly decorated professor of physics and electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), engaged herself in improving the opportunities for women in natural sciences. She was, and still is, a true role model for a huge variety of young scientists in natural sciences, encouraging each and every one of them to pursue their scientific path and to make it to true excellence in science. The "Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship Program", which was installed by CUI, honors outstanding female natural scientists who are leading in their field of science.

MDC will follow the spirit of Mildred Dresselhaus and the “Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship Program” to combine scientific excellence with a conscious and creative take on career choices and the importance of diversity in the culture of science. The conference aims to serve as a platform for (young) scientists, offering top-level scientific talks, personal perspectives on how to succeed as a scientist in research, and state-of-the-art contributions on topics of diversity, equal opportunity, and the culture of natural sciences.

In addition, MDC will offer practical trainings on top-notch methods applied in natural sciences, an inspiring evening-program that gets you on stage, presenting your own story, and a broad and exciting program for high school students encouraging them to follow and discover their interest in science and research.

Moreover, there will be the opportunity to meet fellow scientists and network with inspiring role models - all this on Campus Bahrenfeld in Hamburg, one of the world's most exciting research sites that brings together brilliant light sources with highly trained international scientists and an appropriate laboratory infrastructure to foster top-class knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, and life sciences.


List of confirmed Awardees and Speakers (continuously updated)

Prof. Dr. Elspeth Garman (University of Oxford)

Dr. Rosario González Férez (Universidad Granada)

Dr. Liesbeth Janssen (Technische Universitet Eindhoven)

Prof. Dr. Anna Krylov (University of Southern California)

Prof. Dr. Cristiane Morais Smith (Universiteit Utrecht)

Dr. Anouk Rijs (Radboud Universitet)

Prof. Dr. Roseanne Sension (University of Michigan)

Prof. Dr. Francesca Calegari (Universität Hamburg: CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter)

Prof. Dr. Daniela Rastetter (Universität Hamburg: Socioeconomics, Human Resource Management and Gender / Equal Opportunity Officer )

Dr. Christiane Jüngling (Universität Hamburg)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Blunck (Universität Hamburg: Mathematics and Gender Studies)

Sabine Fernau (Initiative NAT/mint:pink)

Moderation Dr. Nicola Byok

Workshop Storytelling for Scientists (beforehand)

13. March (9.00 am -6.00 pm Campus Bahrenfeld)

We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s during a presentation, a job interview, a conference coffee break, or simply during a pub night. Why? It activates the same areas of our brain that would be activated during the actual event. Consequently, audiences feel so much more engaged when they hear a narrative about your real-life experiences as researcher or how you finally chased that superbug down. Much more than if you monotonously talk them through a list of bullet points on a power point slide. But to be understood when talking about one’s own research work, let alone to speak about yourself, is not easy for many researchers. During this seminar, you learn to enchant a wide range of audiences with science stories and to captivate a lay audience with complex research results.

The "best stories" will have the opportunity to present on stage (Storytelling Challenge,  April 5, 6 pm)

Trainer NaturalScience.Careers: Dr. Karin Bodewits/Simon Hauser

16 places (first come, first served/no fee) / registration via registration form

Presenting companies/institutions

HRA Hamburg Research Academy


Light & Schools

Molecules & Schools

Initiative NAT (mint:pink)


More information

Cluster of Excellence "CUI" The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging

Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship

Mildred Dresselhaus Awardees

Starts Apr 4, 2019 18:00
Ends Apr 6, 2019 18:00
Campus Bahrenfeld, Hamburg
Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg

There is no conference fee. The Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship Conference is funded.

Contact: Anika.Ostermaier-Grabow@Uni-Hamburg.de