25-27 March 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone


Henning Friis Poulsen “A hard x-ray FEL multiscale microscope”

Bo Brummersted Iversen “Dynamic crystallography”

Marion Harmand “Hard x-ray FEL for matter under extreme conditions”

Alexander Rack “MHz hard x-ray imaging at the ESRF”

Bjoern Winkler “Versatile end station for ultrafast diffraction to understand reactions, phase transitions and lattice dynamics using hard or ultra-hard x-rays”

Paul Kamm “Dynamic processes in metal foams”

Ralf Röhlsberger “Scientific opportunities with an XFELO”

Ivan Vartaniants “From coherent to ghost imaging at XFEL sources”

Jörg Evers “Nuclear quantum optics at XFELs”

Anders Nilsson “Probing surface catalysis in real time”

Oliver Gessner “Ultrafast x-ray studies of chemical and interfacial dynamics”

Grigory Smolentsev “Pump-probe x-ray spectroscopy and scattering to study OLED materials and molecular catalysts”

Steven Johnson “Towards frequency and time-domain spectroscopy of quantum Floquet states”

Hermann Dürr “Towards coherent control of quantum materials”

Stefano Bonetti “THz dynamics of quantum materials”

Francesca Calegari “Attosecond science of complex molecules: perspectives at FELs”

James Cryan “Using attosecond XFELs to probe ultrafast electron dynamics”

Thomas Pfeifer “Watching and steering electrons with intense optical and free-electron lasers”

Nina Rohringer “Perspektives of multi-colour nonlinear x-ray Raman scattering with high-brilliance XFELs”

Claudio Masciovecchio “FEL based nonlinear spectroscopy”

Nora Berrah “Investigating dynamics with soft x-ray FELs”

Anton Barty “Structural biology possibilities for tunnels 4 and 5”

Poul Nissen “Structure and dynamics of biomembranes and membrane proteins”

Jim Naismith “Structural biology from SFX SPB”

Kiyoshi Ueda “AMO from 10 eV to 100 keV: Molecular movie and beyond”

Robert Moshammer “Ultrafast atomic and molecular dynamics - new capabilities at EuXFEL !?”

Edwin Kukk “Coulomb explosion of highly charged small quantum systems - simple or not so simple?”

José Crespo “70-keV-hard bound-state quantum electrodynamics and soft x-ray purely photo-ionized low-density plasmas at XFEL”

Ryan Coffee “Opining on a future for multi-color soft x-ray spectroscopy in correlation with few femtosecond time-resolved hard x-ray scattering ”

Kevin Prince “Ultrafast dynamics and high resolution spectroscopy of molecules”


Kiyoshi Ueda

Zheng Li