String Theory Journal Club

Brane webs and the SQCD Higgs Branch

by Antoine Bourget (Imperial College)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
In this talk I will explain how to characterize a part of the moduli space of some supersymmetric gauge theories. More specifically, I will look at 4d SU(N) SQCD with 8 supercharges, and focus on the Higgs branch. I will review how to compute the Hilbert series of such a moduli space by performing a HyperKahler quotient, and then introduce a technique based on webs of (p,q)-5-branes to perform the same computation. We will see that a tension emerges between the two results, which we will try to resolve using various algebraic tools. 
This is based on joint work with S. Cabrera, J. Grimminger, A. Hanany and Z. Zhong.