3-5 December 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

We kindly invite you to our first Helmholtz Laser and Photonics Meeting held at DESY Hamburg from the 03. – 05.12.2019.

We would like to establish a Helmholtz-wide workshop on the topic of “laser and photonics”. The intention of the workshop is to bring the experts, engineers and scientists working with lasers of all Helmholtz centers together to present their projects. Our goal is to establish exchange of information and knowledge as well as to find possible collaborations for the future.

The first meeting will be organized by DESY, we would like to annually circle this event through all involved Helmholtz centers. We ask you to spread this announcement in your teams, groups and institutes. Please encourage your colleagues and students to participate. The registration and abstracts for poster and talks can be submitted till the 20th of October.

We are glad for your active participation and feedback and looking forward to see you all in December.

Furthermore, the following speakers agreed to present their recent work and their outstanding overview in invited talks at the meeting:

Roman Adam (HZJ)
"JuSPARC_VEGA: A 1.4 TW / 1 kHz laser system for generation of high-energy photons and electron acceleration"

Vincent Bagnoud (GSI)
"Overview of GSI’s laser activities"

Markus Büscher (HZJ)
"JuSPARC – The Jülich Short-Pulsed Particle and Radiation Center"

Thomas Dekorsy (DLR Stuttgart)
"High Power Laser Development at DLR"

Marc Eichhorn (KIT)
"Research in 2 micron lasers and non-linear converters for the Mid-IR"

Ingmar Hartl (DESY)

Malte Kaluza (HIJ)
"Current status and future development of the POLARIS laser system at HI-Jena"

Tim Laarmann (DESY)
"Generation and characterization of tailored MIR waveforms for steering molecular dynamics"

Jens Limpert (HIJ)
"Review on fiber-based ultrafast laser research at the Helmholtz Institute Jena"

Ulrich Schramm (HZDR)
"High power lasers for advanced accelerator concepts at the ELBE center Dresden-Rossendorf"

Christian Spielmann (HIJ)
"Development of coherent ultrashort light pulses in a wide spectral region"

Toma Toncian (XFEL/HZDR)
"High Intensity Lasers of HIBEF-Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields at the European XFEL"

Andrea Trabattoni (CFEL-DESY)
"Towards novel attosecond-resolved pump-probe schemes for the investigation of ultrafast electron dynamics in complex molecules"

Iain Wilkinson (HZB)
"Probing Condensed-Phase Electronic Structure with Table-Top, Ultrashort Vacuum Ultraviolet, Extreme Ultraviolet, & Soft X-ray Pulses"

Matt Zepf (HIJ)
"Laser Developments at HI Jena - Status and Future Developments"

Starts Dec 3, 2019 09:00
Ends Dec 5, 2019 18:00
Notkestr. 85 22607 HH