Saul Perlmutter: Science, Reality, and Credibility

by Prof. Saul Perlmutter (University of California, Berkeley)

Monday, June 24, 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at Notkestraße 85, DESY ( CSSB Hörsaal, building 15 )
22607 Hamburg

Nobel Laureate in Physics 2011, Prof. Saul Perlmutter (University of California, Berkeley) will talk about "Science, Reality, and Credibility - The Necessity of Critical Thinking":

Can we make the implicit techniques and practices of scientists explicit and teach them to scientists and non-scientists alike? Could this help our society address difficult issues such as are raised by the global environment and economics?

And how could citizen scientists use these tools to help build sources of credibility on the web and in the news? With his talk, Prof. Perlmutter wants to spark a discussion that can be continued, with coffee, tea, and cake, in the CSSB foyer after the talk.

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