ERUM-Data pilot project: Meeting of Subjet Area C (Deep Learning)

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A first dedicated meeting of the subject area C (Deep Learning, Erkenntnisgewinn durch fundierte datengetriebene Methoden) of the joint project Innovative Digitale Technologien für die Erforschung von Universum und Materie (ErUM-Data pilot project).

The goal of this meeting is to collect the progress of different groups and promote collaboration inside the work packages via dedicated session. The main audience are therefor researchers (including students) working on topics in subject area C as well as other members of the ErUM-Data pilot project who are interested in these activities.

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Preliminary Program

- Start at 14:00 to allow arrival on the same day
- Reports from all groups involved in area C
- Overview of work packages and key challenges
- (Potentially: Capstone Talk by invited speaker)
- Stand-up reception 

- Meeting inside the work packages
- Lunch
- Reports from work packages as well as other subject areas



Fachbereich Physik - Universität Hamburg
Jungiusstraße 9
20 355 Hamburg
(to be confirmed)


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Jungiusstrasse is 800m from the train station "Dammtor" where local S-Bahn trains as well as (most) ICE trains stop. 

Internet access

Eduroam is available on campus.

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