Design and Validation of Multi-Gigabit Systems - Challenges of Embedded Design and High-Speed Interconnect

The seminar “Design and Validation of Multi-Gigabit Systems” - Challenges of Embedded Design and High-Speed Interconnect is part of an educational event series hosted by the MicroTCA Technology Lab (A Helmholtz Innovation Lab) at DESY in cooperation with industry partners.

This seminar, featuring experts from both Rohde & Schwarz and DESY, explores the challenges of embedded system design on board level and introduces strategies for high-speed signal measurement and analysis using state-of-the-art measurement technology. The following subjects will be covered in detail:

•             Analysis of Signal Integrity on High-Speed Interfaces

•             Design and Evaluation of Multi-Gigabit Transmission Lines

•             Power Integrity and Power Supply Analysis

•             PCI Express


Live demonstrations will include Eye diagrams, TDR, Oscilloscope vs. VNA measurement scenarios and impedance plots. A final Q&A session will conclude this seminar.

Event Host:  DESY


Starts Oct 22, 2019 09:00
Ends Oct 22, 2019 16:30
Building 28C
Seminar room FLASH
DESY, Hamburg