DOIT Social hour & Presentation of DoIt Survey Results

Monday, October 7, 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at Notkestraße 85,DESY ( Kantinenerweiterung,Gebäude 1 )
22607 Hamburg

as some of you might remember: together with the 'Evaluationstelle' of Hamburg University and the PIER graduate school DoIt did an online survey concerning the quality of supervision at DESY (in spring 2019). In general the return rate was very high (n=162, 52%), so thanks to all of you for participating!!!

We have the results of the survey ready for a while and would like to show & discuss the results with all of you next week! For this we plan to do a short presentation (~20 min, see topic list below) and to combine this with a DoIt Social hour. Then we can continue the discussion over food, soft drinks and beers (all free). To be precise we plan to organize another 'late summer' barbecue (Don't worry, we can eat inside if it's cold or raining). We encourage all PhD students to join, in particular all new students!

DoIt Social hour &
Presentation of DoIt Survey Results: Supervision quality at DESY
Monday 7th, at 17.00
DESY Kantinenerweiterung(cantine extension, building 1)

If you intend to join, please sign up in this doodle such that we can estimate the amount of food. Also feel free to make a mark in the doodle if you like to help the organizers.

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