In January and March 2010, two combined MarieCurie / Alliance training events on Geant4 and ROOT data analysis will take place at DESY (Hamburg). - The second event, which is designed for young scientists from the Helmholtz Alliance will take place from March 4-6. This is the INDICO page for this event! For more information see or contact the organisers ( The events will combine introductory lectures and hands-on experience on the following topics:↵ 1. Simple fitting techniques using ROOT.↵ 2. Monte Carlo methods and simple applications.↵ 3. The physics of a beam telescope made of Si-strip detectors↵ 4. Introduction to GEANT4 and simulation of a beam telescope made of high resolution silicon strip detectors – simulate data for further analysis.↵ 5. Analysis of the beam telescope data: clustering and position reconstruction, simple track fit, determination of position resolution and detection efficiency, effects of multiple scattering, track extrapolation errors and basic detector alignment.↵ 6. Determination of the position resolution of a Si-strip detector as function of angle of incidence.↵
Starts Mar 4, 2010 08:00
Ends Mar 6, 2010 18:00
DESY (Hamburg), SR 4, building 1