lecture SASE3-Variable Polarization Project Meeting 2020
Date/Time: Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 08:00 (Europe/Berlin)
Location: XHQ ( E1.173 )
Chairperson: Suren Karabekyan (European XFEL)

 Thursday, February 20, 2020
SASE3-VP Project status update (30')   Slides powerpoint file   Suren Karabekyan (European XFEL)  
Electron beam optics design (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Nina Golubeva (DESY) Winfried Decking (DESY)  
XTD4 Drawings and assemblies (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Mark Wuenschel (European XFEL)  
Status of the Apple-X control rack design (15')   Slides pdf file   Mikhail Yakopov (European XFEL)  
Status of the undulator vacuum chamber design (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Daniele La Civita (European XFEL)  
Status of the vacuum system for the intersection part (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Torsten Wohlenberg (DESY MVS)  
Status of the alignment system (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Johannes Prenting (DESY)  
Coffee break (sandwiches, coffee, tea) (30')    
Status of the water cooling system (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Andreas Block (DESY MKK2)  
Status of the fire extinguishing system (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Fabian Saretzki (DESY)  
Status of the IT installation/cabling (15')   Slides pdf file   Tobias Ladwig (DESY IT)  
Status of the BPM and BLM systems (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Dirk Lipka (DESY)  
Status of the RadFet system (15')   Frank Schmidt-Föhre (DESY)  
Status of the pulse-resolved polarization diagnostics (15')   Slides powerpoint file   Joakim Laksman (European XFEL)  
Status of the DAQ system (15')   Slides pdf file   Christopher Youngman (European XFEL)  
Discussions - Preparation for the shutdowns (45')