European XFEL Seminar

Informed Decisionmaking with New Research Opportunities for Society

by Prof. Paul Arthur Berkman (Director, Science Diplomacy Center – Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Tufts University Medford, Massachusetts, USA)

Monday, April 20, 2020 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at video conference - to be confirmed

With the  world's largest X-ray laser "opening up new research opportunities for scientists and industrial users," European XFEL has opportunities as well as challenges for contributing to sustainable development at local-global scales.  Science diplomacy is an evolving international, interdisciplinary and inclusive (holistic) process to balance national interests and common interests for the benefit of all on Earth and across generations.  Informed decisionmaking (Fig. 1) is the engine of science diplomacy, involving stages of research (questions and data) that contribute to actions (evidence and options for decisions). As revealed from international dialogues about science and technology advice in foreign ministries, informed decisions operate across a 'continuum of urgencies,' extending from security time scales (mitigating risks of economic, environmental and societal instabilities that are immediate) to sustainability time scales (balancing environmental protection, economic prosperity and societal well-being across generations) for governments, peoples and our world.  The decisions involve governance mechanisms  and built infrastructure, which require close coupling to achieve progress with sustainability.  This presentation will explore science-diplomacy applications and training with informed decisionmaking, introducing transformations across the data-evidence interface from research into action with accelerating knowledge co-production to enhance the world-class research with XFEL.

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FIGURE 1: Pyramid of Informed Decisionmaking [1] as an international, interdisciplinary and inclusive (holistic) methodology. Accelerating knowledge co-production happens across the data-evidence interface (red line).