June 25, 2020
ZOOM workshop
Europe/Berlin timezone


Precision synchronization on femtosecond level for large scale XUV-photon facility is a complex task and touches multiple facets. It requires an in-depth analysis of the user’s requirement and a review of all critical subsystems involved. The goal of this mini-workshop is to come up with a convincing synchronization strategy for FLASH2020+. 

For that, the synchronization mini-workshop should address the following items and questions:

  • Build up a common knowledge ground on synchronization: sub-systems involved & influences.
  • Where are we now, which upgrades are planned, what can be expect...
  • Which instabilities and synchronization drifts have been understood, where are unknowns?
  • Potential fundamental limitations, do we know them, are there mitigation paths?
  • Additional requirements for new operation modes: Seeding & Attosecond Physics@FL2
  • Which decisions/designs having large impacts on budgetary needs (budget optimization)
  • Are there compromises between stability, system robustness and/or availability?
  • Are there moon-shot experiments justifying larger invests for e.g. sub-1 fs synchronization?

Zoom-Meeting access:   https://desy.zoom.us/j/2312362981

Meeting-ID:  231 236 2981


Starts Jun 25, 2020 13:00
Ends Jun 25, 2020 17:30
ZOOM workshop

Important dates

Registration deadline: 24 June 2020