from July 23, 2020 to August 12, 2020
Online only
Europe/Berlin timezone

The school consists of online lectures providing introductions and/or overviews  on selected key topics in particle- and astro-particle physics, including both experimental and theory aspects. The target audience is Bachelor and Master students with an interest in these fields.

We have decided to have only one or two 45 minutes lectures a day + ample discussion time, because we feel that this is an appropriate format for online lectures.

Welcome to the Online Terascale Summer School 2020!!!

23 july - 12 August 2020

organised by DESY Hamburg and Zeuthen

Lecture overview - A round trip through the world of (astro)-particle physics

  • Achim Geiser: pre-course - basic introduction to Particle Physics
  • Pedro Castro: Accelerators
  • Ingrid Gregor: Detectors
  • Hannes Jung: Quantum Chromo DynamicsNEW: Tutorial/Exercises sessions 13-20 August, for interested students, see
  • Christophe Grojean: HEP Theory with Beyond Standard Model Physics
  • Sarah Heim: LHC Physics
  • Gernot Maier: Astroparticle Physics
  • Walter Winter: Neutrino Physics
  • Axel Lindner: Dark Matter
  • Sam Cunliffe: Flavour Physics
  • Karsten Buesser: Future Colliders for the Energy Frontier
  • Jens Osterhoff: Plasma accelerators

Please feel free to ask questions to the lecturers by sending them emails:,,,,,,,,,,,

We will use the following zoom room (please download the Zoom App before, as the web-based version does not contain all features):    Password: 860759

Alternatively we provide a live stream at        Password: terascale

The lectures and discussions will be chaired/moderated by one of the organisers. Please feel welcome to write during the lectures questions to the zoom chat box. For asking questions at the end of the lecture please use the 'raise hand' utility in zoom and wait until the chair invites you to ask the question(s).


NEW: For online discussions between participants during or after the lectures we have created a slack channel:


Starts Jul 23, 2020 08:00
Ends Aug 12, 2020 18:00
Online only