27-28 May 2010
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
The issue of data correction and data unfolding will play a crucial role for a number of measurements (not only) in the early LHC data. Furthermore, a number of more or less well-motivated and well-implemented methods exists which (and the arguments for and against which) are not necessarily familiar to the relevant community. This workshop at DESYHamburg will focus on the topic of unfolding and data correction. The aims of the workshop are - to get an overview of the various tools that are being used for unfolding purposes at HERA, Tevatron and LHC - to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods, and to collect the benchmarkings that have been done so far - to discuss the various implementations and their shortcomings - to come up with a strategy for further implementation, improvement and promotion of some of the tools. The meeting will be transmitted by EVO: Title: Analysis Centre Seminars Description: Analysis Centre Seminars Community: Terascale Phone Bridge ID: 1312410 Meeting URL: http://evo.vrvs.org/evoGate/koala.jnlp?meeting=MaMDMt222sDeDi9M98DI9a In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact the organisers at anacen@desy.de.
Starts May 27, 2010 13:00
Ends May 28, 2010 16:00
DESY Hamburg
SR 4a