21-23 March 2011
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
Europe/Berlin timezone


3rd IRUVX-PP Annual Meeting 2011

21 -23 March 2011, HZB, Adlershof, Berlin

Draft agenda overview (15.02.2011)


21. March 2011 – Implementation of FEL and SPS projects
The first day of the meeting will be opened by an overview of the project by J. Feldhaus and latest developments in research funding at the EU-level by U. Krell (DESY).

Two key note talks will start the scientific/technical sessions of the meeting. The speakers are

C. David

(PSI) Diffractive X-ray optics for hard XFEL radiation
S. Eisebitt (TU Berlin) Femtosecond X-ray imaging

The main focus of the first day will be on the latest developments in the European FEL and SPS landscape. The IRUVX-PP partner facilities will present the status of their projects and allude to the importance of European collaborations for the success of the projects. The following projects are invited to give a talk: BerlinPro (HZB), FLASH (DESY), FERMI (Elettra), SwissFEL (PSI), SPARC/X (INFN), MAX IV (MAX-lab).  In addition, STFC is invited to give an overview of their laser activities.

The first day will be closed by a podium discussion “How can EuroFEL strengthen the European FEL and SPS Community?” chaired by S. Svensson (University Uppsala).

22 March 2011 – IRUVX-PP results and future EuroFEL collaborations
On the morning of the second conference day representatives from the IRUVX-PP work packages will present the highlights of their work over the last three years.

The following work package leaders are invited:

H. Weyer (PSI) Status and future of the FEL user umbrella system
G. Hirst (STFC) Technical collaboration under WP3: Oiling the wheels for scientists and engineers
S. Werin (MAX-lab) Joint HR development
M. Illenseer (DESY) FEL communication achievements of IRUVX-PP; Summary of WP5 project highlights
V. Skarda (STFC) Collaboration in the light of IPRs
A. Wrulich (PSI) Statutes and internal regulations of a possible EuroFEL Consortium
K. Tiedtke
A. Lindblad

The quest for perfect beam transport systems and photon diagnostic tools: highlights of WP7

L. Badano (Elettra) WP8 highlights: main outcomes and future collaborations
J. Feldhaus
U. Krell
(DESY) IRUVX-PP Review and achievements

In the afternoon scientists and engineers from the participating facilities are invited to join parallel sessions where possible future collaborations shall be initiated and next steps be planned.

Suggested meetings:

WP2 Implementation, future developments, harmonisation with other EU projects (CRISP, PaN-Data) (Contact: H. Weyer, PSI)
Joint human ressource (HR) development opportunities – training and education (Contact: S. Werin, MAX-lab)
Future FEL communication in Europe  (Contact: M. Illenseer, DESY)
Future collaborations on beam transport and beam diagnostic methods (Contact: K. Tiedtke, DESY)
Future collaborations in timing and synchronisation (Contact: P. Gessler, DESY)

23 March 2011  FEL highlights
The last day of the meeting focuses on recent scientific and technical work related to FELs.

The following speakers will present their latest findings:

P. Wernet (HZB) Molecular dynamics studied with FELs
J. Gaudin (XFEL) Damage on materials of interest for FELs optics
F. Tavella (DESY) High repetition rate mJ-level few-cycle pulse laser amplifier for XUV-FEL seeding
F. Grüner (LMU) Perspectives of an FEL driven by a laser-plasma accelerator
J. Bahrdt (HZB) Femtosecond VUV-Pulses with variable polarization from coherent harmonic radiation at the MAX-lab Test FEL


C. Gutt (DESY) Femtosecond magnetisation dynamics
P. Craievich (Elettra) Commissioning of a seeded FEL
L. Patthey (PSI) Ultrafast dynamics of charge – spin ordering in correlated electron systems


For a draft detailed programme please click here