11-13 July 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone

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Community : WLCG
Title : WLCG collaboration Workshop
Password : grid

2010 was considered by all to be a great success not only for the LHC but also for WLCG through the services and support that it provided to the data taking, (re-)processing and analysis activities of the LHC experiments. This success is due to the collaborative efforts of all involved. 2011 brings with it new challenges – resources become scarcer as the machine delivers more and better data. This workshop will focus on the on-going challenges that we face as well as the evolving strategies of the experiments and WLCG as a whole to deal with them. This includes work that follows on from last year’s Data Management Jamboree in Amsterdam, as well as new collaborative efforts (HammerCloud, Data Popularity) and explorations (cloud computing, new approaches to workload management, alternative database technologies and so forth). As is the tradition, all this will be discussed with a strong focus on the view from WLCG sites.
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As well as a major international accelerator laboratory, DESY is home to significant resources and expertise for the LHC experiments, including through dCache.org, the local organizers of this workshop.


The event is generously sponsored by DELL and the European Middleware Initiative (EMI). DELL-LOGO EMI-Logo
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Hamburg itself is a vibrant city and port as well as a founder city of an early “virtual organization” – the Hanseatic League.

Starts Jul 11, 2011 08:00
Ends Jul 13, 2011 18:00
Main Auditorium
Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg Germany