This Autumn School is dedicated to first/second year Ph.D. students in theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology.

Invited speakers and topics

  • J. R. Andersen "QCD Phenomenology/MC"
  • J. Haller "LHC first results"
  • A. Hebecker "String Phenomenology"
  • S. Heinemeyer "Higgs and BSM Phenomenology"
  • W. Porod "Neutrino and Flavour Physics"
  • F. Sannino "Technicolor and strongly coupled theories"
  • C. Scrucca "SUSY and SUGRA"
  • A. Weiler "Beyond the SM Models"
  • A. Westphal "Inflation"
  • P. Ullio "Dark Matter"
  • There will be a short talk session giving participants the opportunity to present their research projects. If you are interested to speak, please submit an abstract following the link on the left.
    Starts Oct 11, 2011 14:00
    Ends Oct 15, 2011 13:00
    Seminar Room 2, Building 2a
    Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Germany