PIER Photon Science Colloquium - FEL experiments in Japan: from EUV to X-rays

by Kyoshi Ueda (Tohoku University Sendai, Japan)

Friday, October 14, 2011 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at Bldg. 28c seminar room
In 2008, the SPring-8 Compact SASE Source (SCSS) test accelerator started user
operation in Japan. It provides linearly polarized EUVFEL pulses in
the wavelength region of 51-61 nm.  We have been investigating multiphoton
processes in atoms, molecules, and clusters irradiated by EUVFEL pulses, using
ion and electron momentum spectroscopy and pump-probe techniques. On
June 7, 2011, SCSS XFEL, nicknamed SACLA, lased. It's user operation will start
in March 2012. Our scientific program at the SACLA is largely based on research
problems which constitute a bridge between atoms and small molecules and
more complex systems. The talk will describe current status of EUVFEL
experiments as well as plans and preparations for XFEL experiments.